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Fr | 08.05.2020 | 20:30
Konzert: [ENTFÄLLT!] Bite The Bullet
FC Loretta präsentiert: Fuzzrock from Denmark
FC Loretta präsentiert: Bite The Bullet – Fuzzrock from Denmark
What would happen if Jack White took drugs with Daft Punk and invited Tame Impala along for a line? The rockers of Bite The Bullet might have the answer.

The danish rockband have been touring relentlessly in both Denmark and the rest of Europe, and have gained fame as must see live-act. Their latest album "Can Be Anything" is a strong, modern rock album and have been very well received, both in Denmark and abroad. The album has given Bite The Bullet massive airplay on Danish National Radio, German radio stations and Spotify. The band have been diligent guests at clubs along the German and Spanish highways, where their raw Rock'n'Roll have won hearts among lovers of vinyl records, whisky and fuzzpedals.


Support: Pentalog (Extended Rock)
Wir sind eine hoch energetische Newcomer-Band aus Hildesheim und bereiten euch ein vollmundiges Gericht aus erhabenen Harmonien, würzigen Sounds und gesalzenen Texten.
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Einlass: 20:00
Beginn: 20:30
Raum: Loretta
Veranstalter: FC Loretta
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