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The Lucifer Satanic Panic Tour

November 8 | 19:00



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Lucifer - Satanic Panic Tour


Since its inception in 2014 In Berlin, the highly prolific band led by charismatic singer Johanna Platow Andersson has released four electrifying albums on Rise Above (LUCIFER I) and Century Media Records (LUCIFER II-IV), as well as and numerous stand-alone singles infused with 1970s hard rock, proto heavy metal, doom and occult rock, with a nod to their main influences such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram & Blue Öyster Cult.
They have played over 200 shows in the Europe, Japan, North & South America, including festivals such as KISS Kruise, Psycho Las Vegas, Hellfest, Wacken and many more, most recently supporting the band Ghost on their European tour in spring 2023. Two of their shows have been recorded and broadcasted by prestigious German national TV program Rockpalast.

LUCIFER, now located in Stockholm, have been nominated twice for a Swedish Grammy in the category ‘Best Hardrock/Metal Album’ as well as the Swedish Radio Award P3 and several GAFFA nominations. Amongst others, they have graced the cover of the leading US metal magazine, Decibel, before their first album was released.

The group has concluded recording their fifth studio album, LUCIFER V, the first one to be released by their new label, NUCLEAR BLAST RECORDS, which is due out on January 26th 2024. Although LUCIFER is known to notoriously deliver critically acclaimed albums, supreme songwriting and quality recordings, LUCIFER V is rumoured to be their best album yet. Combining elements of all their previous albums into one monumental mass of electrifying heavy rock and roll. Eerie landscapes shaped by soaring guitar riffs, the thunderous pounding of bass and drums from some sort of groovy inferno, haunted melodies to weep into your drink to, the screeching tires of a 1971 Cadillac hearse, the humorous morbidity and tragic wit of Johanna’s lyrics. If death had a best friend, it would be LUCIFER and they would hang out together at the local cemetery, shooting the shit.

Catch LUCIFER live this November in North America on The Satanic Panic Tour co-headlining with Coven, as well as this coming February together with Angel Witch and support The Night Eternal, when LUCIFER brings The Satanic Panic Tour to Europe.



„Germany’s latest Heavy Metal/Hard Rock prodigy The Night Eternal cloaks 70s and 80s guitar-driven sounds in their very own sinister guise. Established in 2019, the five-piece quickly released their first EP and were signed with Ván Records shortly thereafter, where they released their first single “Shadow’s Servants”. The highly anticipated first full length “Moonlit Cross” (November 2021) did not only hit the marks with their die-hard underground fanbase, but was also ranked top by relevant Metal magazines such as Deaf Forever (#1 Soundcheck, #1 Newcomer), Metal Hammer (#2) and Rock Hard (#3). After that, it wasn’t long before German booking agency WE-Live Agency included The Night Eternal in their infamous roster alongside Benediction , Sodom, Overkill and more. The Night Eternal impresses on record as well as live on stage with their virtuous, precise but forceful performance across all five musicians. Fans of In Solitude, Tribulation, The Devil’s Blood or Judas Priest will buzz about the exceptional riffs and catchy melodies which conflate to a band that honors, but never imitates their 80s paragons. The combo’s ferocious new tracks are not only to blast away upcoming shows and festivals across Europe – they teamed up with Ván Records again to release their second full-length album FATALE on July 14th. With even more catchy melodies and distinctive riffs, The Night Eternal have finally found their own unique sinister style of Heavy Metal. “



There is perhaps no band keeping the spirit and sound of 70s hard rock and heavy metal alive more so than Tanith. Formed in 2017, the band embraced that era wholeheartedly, resulting in 2019’s aptly titled In Another Time, which instantly earned cult status and put them on the map. Now, they return with Voyage, picking up where they left off and once again demonstrating their mastery when it comes to this niche. “I wanted more of the same but different in some marginal way,” explains vocalist/guitarist Russ Tippins (also of Satan). “Voyage is the sound of the universe speaking to mankind through the medium of Tanith. Or, if you like, twin-guitar heavy rock with dual singers which, if you grew up in the 1970s, will make you want to bounce over to the nearest record store. On a space hopper.” With the record fully realized, the band are eager for people to hear it, and they are confident that it is worth taking the time to listen to it – and experience it – in all its old school glory. “It’s worth an hour of anyone’s time for the sound alone,” says Tippins. “I can think of only two other rock bands in the entire world right now that record onto 24-track analogue tape. If all you’ve ever known is digitally produced music you really need to listen to Voyage on vinyl and experience the difference. And I’m not talking about vinyl pressed from masters recorded on Pro Tools. At no point from tracking to pressing has any of the music on Voyage been digitized. It will open your eyes.”

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Raum: Halle
Veranstalter: KUFA
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November 8


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