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Mi | 25.10.2023 | 21:00
Konzert: Seb el Zin
Club VEB präsentiert "GRAND BAZAR"
Seb el Zin, composer-musician-producer, leader of the band ITHAK and of the cult ANARCHIST REPUBLIC OF BZZZ is back with a new solo album: “GRAND BAZAR”.
Who said globalization would bring along uniformity ?! Seb el Zin’s latest cyber-oriental album proves the opposite: for our greatest joy the differences aren’t ready yet to dissolve themselves within the outstanding seamless whole.
Grand Bazaar provides a sound straight from the future evoking the fantasy of the Ottoman East, sumptuous and sensual like the time-engraved Byzantium.
The cyber-punk and cold-electro accents of this tribal-futuristic creation accomplish the salutary turn of grace of offering a modern European sonic identity proudly integrating its latest oriental contributions.
For this artist, “Music is Politics”: started during the Gezi Park riots in Istanbul, Seb el Zin’s new album embodies the progressive rage of a youth holding on to its roots but without borders nor boundaries.
Grand Bazaar is a cry of revolt dancing against fear and division, a unifying shockwave inspiring the feeling of being alive, simply…

Eintritt: frei, Hut geht rum
Einlass: 20:30
Beginn: 21:00
Raum: Loretta
Veranstalter: Club VEB
Ab 18: nein