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Mi | 07.02.2024 | 21:00
Club VEB präsentiert: trashiger Rock & dunkler Post-Rock
BREAK THE VOID is a five-pieced band that enjoys meeting up for rehearsals and concerts while having a great time together. The band's history dates back to 2016, and in its current lineup, BTV has been playing since 2020. The band's music can be classified as metalcore, but the quintet also likes to remind everyone how much fun it is to rock out to rock and roll rhythms, however they serve it in a turbo-charged, metal version. The band is gradually gaining momentum in terms of releases, and for 2024, they plan to release their first EP. The recording session for it is currently underway and is expected to conclude in mid February/March.

Bandcamp: breakthevoid
Spotify: Break the Void
Instagram: breakthevoidband

NOVEMBER MIGHT BE FINE - polish band from Silesian region formed in 2014. NMBF creates instrumental music close to post-rock with strong influences of programatic music, post-hardcore,
post-metal and noise. November Might Be Fine is trying to present their experiences in imaginative, musical way, by taking an attempt to musically render an extramusical narrative as the foundation of their music. This generates load of expression and pure power on stage which underlines the rule which says: ‘The live band is as good as their last live performance’. NMBF has performed so far on several tours and festivals across 7 European countries. The band is promoting their latest album 'ALL' released in late 2023.

Instagram: november.might.be.fine
Bandcamp: nmbf
Eintritt: frei, Hut geht rum
Einlass: 20:30
Beginn: 21:00
Raum: Loretta
Veranstalter: Club VEB
Ab 18: nein